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Evaluation of the online Training Programme

As part of the project, we are recruiting volunteer Evaluators to review the DRAFT version of the online Training programme.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not testing evaluator’s knowledge of the subject matter. Rather we are looking for an evaluation of ease of use of the material 

Following registration you will be emailed access to the online training programme.

The evaluation period will last until 30th June 2021.

Trust Leader Training Programme (TLTP) 

(To be launched August 2021)

This training programme will include materials designed to:


  • Empower staff to “own” their day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Allow teams to make decisions and put together their own proposals that they believe benefit the business.
  • Being open and transparent on key decisions/ changes to business process or procedure.
  • Refrain from treating anyone or any team more favourably than another.
  • Call out success when it is warranted by don’t anyways focus the attention on one particular person or team.


The training provides the Manager with confidence to make informed decisions as well as the permission to use third party intervention resources such as conflict coaching, conciliation services, conflict resolution, and facilitation sessions and brings with it some emotional intelligence training.


The output will develop competency modules to improve workplace relationships:


  • Develop A Positive Attitude
  • Do Not Jump to Conclusions
  • Improve Your Communication Skills
  • Resolve Conflicts Early
  • Set Boundaries
  • Treat All Co-workers with Respect
  • Understand and Accept Personal or Cultural Differences


The Trust Leader Training will be presented in a series of self-contained online modules that can be taken individually, until the training is completed. Each module will address a specific topic. Collectively, when the modules have been completed, they will have enabled participants to have a solid understanding of the techniques and values of becoming a Trust Leader.


By having the training distributed through a series of self-contained modules participants will be able to access the information in a time-sensitive manner that fits their individual time constraints.


Each module should be able to be completed in approximately 30 minutes, thereby allowing the participants to spread the learning over a number of sessions. Upon completion of the entire series a participant will be able to access and print a certificate showing that they have successfully completed the training as a Trust Leader.


The modules will be created on a recognized, secure, and fully accessible learning management system (LMS), which will be presented the Project Online Website. The LMS will allow each user to access ongoing discussion items and add to and comment on items posted by other participants.


Self-assessments will include such things as ‘measuring emotional intelligence’, learning personal default conflict style’, measuring ‘active listening skills’, understanding ‘how and where you should place your time and effort’ and ‘what motivates each participant’.


This process will allow the participants to have a better understanding of themselves and their relationship styles.

EU Funded Training Project

Component parts of the training


  • Build Emotional, Spiritual, and Cultural Intelligence
  • Improve Ethics, Civility, and Leadership
  • Understand Personal and Unintentional Bias
  • Practice Neutrality and Withholding Judgment
  • Learn the Restorative Process
  • Understand the Behavioral Transition Process
  • Understand Workplace Bullying, Harassment, and other Negative Behaviours
  • Perception Awareness – of yourself and others
  • Responding to Challenges
  • Motivations and Forgiveness
  • Expressive Body Language
  • Becoming a Trust Leader
  • Incidents and The Drama Triangle
  • Facilitating Productive Group Discussions