About Us


EU15 Ltd (UK), The 4Civility Institute (USA) and ACRUX Consulting Ltd (Ireland) have come together to provide a one-stop service to help organisations to resolve relationship issues in the workplace be they around civility, ethics, resolving conflicts, mediation, workplace bullying, emotional intelligence, toxic workplace, trust leadership or behavioral transition.

Dr. Paul Quantock and Dr. JR Curtin, Tony Belak, Gerry Rooney, and Tim Hedgley, have decades of developing on and off-line learning materials and mediation training programmes and as practicing mediators and teaching and training professionals. Together they have educated and trained in excess of 5,000 mediators around the globe.

Tony Belak developed mediation training for the USA Government and continues to provide mediation services to the USA Postal Services. Tony Belak and Dr. Curtin teach both graduate and undergraduate courses in mediation at the University of Louisville (USA). Mr. Belak and Dr. Curtin created the first blended, online and face-to-face mediation program for a major law firm that needed flexibility in its training. The USA Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) adopted the training they developed to train federal mediators. FMCS reports directly to the President and works to resolve major labour disputes.

The Irish government approved the training in 2005 and training continues in Ireland under the direction of Gerry Rooney. They have found the blended training to be effective in training busy professionals as well as those geographically isolated. Students are using their mediation skills in numerous settings, including the judicial system, government, business, education, healthcare, schools, the military, and life. The training has met the accepted mediation standards in every jurisdiction that has reviewed them.

Dr Paul Quantock was heavily involved in an EU funded mediation project with the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs of the Government of Andalusia (Spain). The objectives of the project were: to deepen the understanding of mediation as an alternative system of dispute resolution in the 6 European countries; to exchange experiences and design a communication strategy of mediation according to their needs; and mix and share methods and concepts.


Dr JR Curtin

John-Robert is the CEO of The 4Civility Institute (USA) and has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, education, training and in anti-bullying efforts. He has been involved in over 10 EU funded projects and is a founding member of the 4Civility Institute. Ireland and in the US. 4Civility provides mediation training, ombuds training, certifications, software reporting systems, restorative justice and behavioral transition practice solutions to schools, businesses and organizations. He is also the founder of and the Chief Executive Officer of Connected Learning Network, an education-based company, which has provided online services to over 120 schools, colleges, businesses and organizations worldwide. John-Robert is also known for his work in public television, as an Emmy award winning- producer and station president.

Tony Belak

Tony is a Director of The 4Civility Institute (USA) and an Associate Director of the Center for Conflict Resolution at La Sierra University in California, founder of The Institute for Workplace Transition, and the former Executive Director of the International Center for Collaborative Solutions at Sullivan University, Kentucky, where he was also on the faculty of the Master of Science in Conflict Management program. He is a faculty member of the Department of Urban and Public Affairs at the University of Louisville and associate editor of the online Journal of Conflict Management at Sullivan University. He was the Senior Dispute Resolution Counsel for the Department of Veterans Affairs and is not only a mediator and arbitrator but also a teacher in basic, advanced, and specialized conflict resolution. He is recognized for his innovation in designing conflict resolution programs within the workplace.

Dr Paul Quantock

Paul is the Managing Director of EU15 Ltd (UK) and has been working on the international stage for over 40 years advising and supporting the private and public and voluntary sectors on a variety of developmental issues and has been involved in the development of e-learning courses for over 20 years bringing to life innovative ideas and initiatives. In 1998 he created The Foundation for European Initiatives (http://www.tfei.org.uk). In 2006 he, together with influential Indian figures from the Government and NGOs circles, created the “India Healthcare Training Think-Tank” to advise on the future healthcare training needs. Dr Quantock was the Joint Chairman. A personal passion of his is “social inclusion”, particularly in the field of ICT learning and access for people with a learning disability and robotics and their impact on business and society. He has been recognized by the Governor and Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, USA for his International work and was awarded their highest honour, that of Kentucky Colonel.  

Tim Hedgley

Tim Hedgley is a Fellow at The 4Civility Institute (Ireland) and holds a Masters Degree in International Commercial Law and a First Class Honours Degree in Law both from the Ulster University. Tim is also an accredited Mediator, having trained at Mediation Network Northern Ireland. Tim has spent over 40 years in Criminal Justice arena in Northern Ireland. Tim served 30 years in the Police Service in Northern Ireland and set up and managed the UK’s 3rd Police public facing police internet for the RUC / PSNI. Tim was also a fully trained Press Officer and Forensic Facial Reconstruction Artist, a skill he gained in Washington USA.

Gerry Rooney

Gerry is the Managing Direcor of ACRUX Consulting Ltd (Ireland) and is a former President of theMediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) and brings extensive experience in workplace and commercial alternative dispute resolution services, learning and development, and Dignity at work interventions. He is a learning and development professional and experienced HR and Industrial relations practitioner; External Workplace Adjudicator with the Workplace Relations Commission; and a MII certified. Gerry has 21 years in the public sector and 15 years private sector experience. He mediates in workplace and business/commercial disputes. Gerry is a Practitioner Member of the MII.