Further details about On-line Courses, Consultancy and Documents can be found below


We have a created a number of on-lines courses that deal with a Toxic Workplace, Bullying in the Workplace, Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence in the Health Sector.

Further courses will be available in 2021 including

Humans v Robots: Workplace Conflict


~ Conflict resolution training for managers and supervisors…

~ Coaching for managerial staff...

~ Group facilitations…

~ Certification program in Conflict Management for Chief Learning Officer or Specialized Executive…

A particular consultancy will be designed and delivered in the appropriate medium following discussion with the client.


Help! My Boss Is Sucking My Soul Dry (3 pages)

Conflict resolution in community development: Are the benefits worth the costs? (21 pages)

Turning Differences Into Positive Community Relationships (3 pages

The Peace Papers by Dr Joe Osmond. This pack made up of a series of reflective articles by Dr Joe Osmond, considering the role of peace in our lives and thinking about practical ways of talking about and working towards a peaceful future. Designed to be dipped into it is free to download.

On Civility: Restorative Reflections
by John-Robert Curtin and Ying Kit Chan
(Available from Amazon from Aug 18, 2020)